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A Search Engine Explained

A search engine, such as Google and Yahoo, are tools that allow users to find information on the World Wide Web by searching with a specially designed tool. The results of a search are organized into a list which includes web pages, information about them and links to them. In some cases, it includes images. Search engines are operated algorithmically in conjunction with human editing.

Podcasting – Great Internet Marketing Tools For Affiliate Marketing

So you’ve heard about podcasting and you think it might be something to add to your bag of internet marketing tools…but you’re not sure how it is going to really benefit you. Why are podcasts good? Do you have to have your own product? Can you use podcasts to promote affiliate products? Podcasts Build Relationships […]

Hello world! All About Internet Promotion

If this is your first time here, I’d like to welcome you to Gloria’s Internet Promotion Blog with a free gift. Please accept my offer of 3 movies on using video as a massive list building.tool. Just put your name and email in the mini form at the top of the next column and you […]