Dan Kennedy Reviewed ?

Dan Kennedy has authored a book, Prospecting Sucks. This is popular among all levels of multilevel marketing personnel. However, most of Dan’s expertise and techniques are applicable to the offline world of marketing. These marketing techniques are not suitable in the online marketing world or the Internet.

Another major drawback of Dan Kennedy is that he tries to up-sell his products. If you buy any of his moderately priced books, he immediately tries to sell you a huge back get acomplia end item costing many thousand of dollars.

Most of his courses are not worth paying such huge amounts.

After purchasing a reasonably priced course, he wants to sell you a huge back-end course that may run $3,000.00. Real people cannot afford to spend that much.

The main reason for Dan’s books and courses being unsuitable for Internet marketing is that he elaborates on how to attract people to your product by writing excellent copies and sales letters. He does not specify any technique of getting higher rankings on the search engines. And we all know these form the epitome of Internet marketing.

Dan is reluctant to accept that Internet Marketing is the key to marketing in the twenty-first century. Hence, he stresses offline marketing.

Todd from Kentucky has this to say about Dan Kennedy and his programs.

Dan Kennedy and all of his people at the top are the only one making money.

Dan is now selling marketing areas for about $35,000. They will give anyone a loan so they can start doing his marketing seminars for him so that HE can make more money. I want to know why you have to pay him to purchase an area to market his material.

Well after receiving the materials meant to be studied and learned from, I was dumb founded to find all of what he sent. I received copies from a copy machine, probably put together by some kid he hired off the street to punch holes and put them in Wal-Mart folders with the cheapest paper you can buy. For the amount of money spent on this program you would think you would get really nice color paper and books, put together by a professional.

Were did the money he received go?

I am sure Dan knows what he is doing in the marketing profession, but I am sure he is feeling the same pinch as all of us are here in the United State. So, this brilliant man has put together this program to earn money for himself from people like us that are trying desperately to live through this recession.

Hats off to him.

He has capitalized off of the old saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Dan has figured out how to continue his life style buy promising a great program in a market that is not moving, and I feel he is laughing all the way to the bank.

From what I can learn about Dan Kennedy is that his ideas, books and seminars are really not for online marketing.

Even when you buy any of his books be prepared for buy clomid online him to try and sell you another program costing 1,000’s of dollars.

Therefore if you are started out in online marketing he is not someone you should be looking to for advice.

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