Don Lapre The Vitamin Man

Alrighty lets see what Don Lapre has been up to since the last time we looked at him. As you can see Don Lapre has trademarked his name and to be sure I don’t have any trouble with his lawyers I will make sure to use the proper form for his name.

What has he been doing since last we look at Don Lapre ? Pretty much the same old same old as showed by this review by “JL” from Texas.

“I lost $4,000.00 that I would never see again, with Greatest Vitamins in the World, it is outrageous, bad customer service, I do advertise not for this of course but other stuff, but let me tell you this one is a waste of time and money, Well for my surprise I signed up over the phone and the “30 days to get your money back” was never mentioned. It really hurt me losing all that money but I learned my lesson, just be careful there is a lot of people out there that are scammers and they enjoyed scamming others around, don’t get caught up in it. The Greatest Vitamins simply does not WORK!!!!”

Darn “JL” if you had just read my review before you sent him any money you would have know better and would still have your money in your pocket.

If it looks too easy think scam.

“The Greatest Vitamin in the World”

Don Lapre is a fast-talking character who has been selling “get rich” opportunities for many discount acomplia years. Doug Grant is a “nutritionist” who claims to have vast experience in advising people about health and fitness. In 2003 they teamed up to promote “The Greatest Vitamin in the World,” which Grant reportedly formulated and Don Lapre began marketing through infomercials and Web sites.

The source of Grant’s nutrition credential seems to be from American Holistic College of Nutrition. This entity was a non-accredited correspondence school that taught fringe methods and had no recognized academic standing.

Don Lapre 2004 infomercial claimed that “The Greatest Vitamin in the World” contains “all you need for optimal health” and also presents a great financial opportunity For $35, viewers could become “independent advertisers” who, the infomercial promised, would get paid $1,000 or “up to $200 a month for life” every time they got 20 people to try the vitamin. The information stated that “nothing like this has ever been created until now!” and that making money is easy because all anyone had to do is direct people to their Web site, which was designed to persuade them to buy the product.

The vitamin itself retails for $39.95 plus $8.65 for a 30-day supply. Twenty purchases would add up to about $900. How is he able to pay out $1,000.00 to collect $900.00. Perhaps he knew that you will not be able to sell the package to the required 20 people and he will not buy clomid online have to pay out anything.

The new infomercials aired, in 2006, now offer to pay $500 each time a distributor you sign up gets 20 or more people to try the vitamin. We believe that this makes the finances of the entire program even more unworkable than described above, because the company would now have to pay out $1,500 rather than $1,000 for the privilege of collecting $900.

You might like to know that before you receive anything, you will get a call from one of his telemarketers. If you notice on the bottom of the TV screen there is a disclaimer that says something like these students may have purchased more expensive training to reach their current status. This is what the telemarketers WILL call you about!

So now you are stuck with the first charge and before receiving any material they want more money from you to help you get rich.

My question is just who is getting rich because it sure isn`t going to be you.

I think that before buying anything from this man I would suggest spending your money on some nice beach front property in Arizona or get a job with him, as that is the only way, IMO, that you can make any money with his programs.

If you truly are ready to make a change and start your home based business you owe to yourself to make sure you invest in a program that has been tested to work. Protect yourself make sure you pick a proven to work program before you invest a penny. A.J. Anderson has been testing programs for Years and continues to do so. For this free information visit his online testing site.

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