Can You Make It As A Freelancer ? Part 1

Being self employed is something that many people aspire to be at some stage in the future, from graduates to full time employees. So the really question is why peruse such a dream and what are the overall benefits. Being employed is very different to being self employed, so if your serious about taking that step, consider the pros and cons

You need to sell your time and skill set the company who hires you. So make sure you understand the importance of time restrictions and quality control. You will have a lot more responsibilities than the average employee, because your now your own boss. If a company hires you for a particular project then that actually qualifies you to be a freelancer.

It is your choice whether you get paid by the hour or by the project. You will have to negotiate your desired rates with the company and come to a compromise buying acomplia that works best for both parties. It always helps to contact other successful freelancers to find out how much they charge to give you better idea of how to price your services.

You might be wondering what the client gets out of hiring a freelancer, right?. Well, they are a number of benefits, firstly, freelancers are far more flexible than regular employees. Passionate freelancers will be prepared to work all hours in the comfort of their own home or office ,unlike the employee who will go home at buy clomid pct a set time each day.

There is less commitment involved when a company hires a freelancer, because they only require you for that particular project. An employee is paid to turn up for work regardless of his workload. However, if you keep solid relationships with your clients, they should come back to you again and again.

If you check out the work and themes of most freelancers in design/illustration or copy-writing, you will find that they tend to specialise in a certain area or style of delivery, which makes them far more valuable and unique.

This helps you to stand out from the crowd and get more attention if you building a brand.

Freelancers are often used to produce small, one off or regular jobs that do not require the commitment of a full time employee. Another major reason why companies will hire is because it actually saves them money. They do not have to fork out for sick pay or holidays, which all adds up over time.

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