Using Blogs For SEO And Improving Page Ranking

Most of the bloggers out there are commonly using the blog as a place for personal expression. Some of them use it for business, but by and large this is kept as a side occupation or a hobby.

Though blogging for personal expression can be immensely uplifting, it does not serve any purpose for business. My suggestion is to use the blog as your main site. There are things you can do with a blog that you cannot do with your website. Like most internet marketers, I am a business person. I have barely managed to understand SEO. Sure I play around with my website’s appearance but stuff like HTML, Joomla PHP etc go right over my head.

Even so, I can see a good thing when it is in front of my nose. Blogs are interactive. They are great for improving SEO ranking. Since a business website is not a blog, one cannot update content and simply utilize social bookmarking to let the world know there is new content on our website. It would be wonderful if we could the best features of blogging in our websites.

Blogs are great for another reason. Blogs get traffic and websites have to go out of the way to attract buy clomid traffic. Since blogs get traffic and it is easy to build backlinks by way of comments, they get search ranking relatively easily.

It would be extremely simple to add the blog to the website and merge the benefits, but unfortunately it is not so simple. If we do this, most of the traffic would visit the blog page and leave without checking out the main page. And the main page is where you do the business. So even having a blog on a inner page will not answer the purpose. The purpose is to improve SEO and generate traffic that converts into sale.

You have to tweak your blog. Change its look and add a link to your website. Use the anchor text you want. This will have two advantages. The first is that people will see the links and visit your website, giving you the much desired traffic. The second is that search engines will also follow the link and increase your ranking.

The smart way to do it would be to not have a blog on your website, but outside the site. Now your anchor text is being used on two sites. This blog can focus on your niche, the content you create for it will be relevant to your anchor text and your niche.

You could update it frequently with news from your website and link it in many ways to your website. This is extremely effective SEO.

If you are not confident about doing this yourself, you could hire an expert to do this for you. Using these strategies you will see your page rank improve in no time at all. Within a few days you will see a change in ranking and an increase in traffic. Meanwhile continue to build content and keep interacting weight loss drugs online with the traffic that comes to your blog.

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