How Important Are Backlinks?

If you have researched search engine weight control drugs optimisation the chances are you would have come across the term “backlink”. A backlink is essentially a hyperlink that is found on an external clomid online website (external to yours) that points back to your website. These are really important for SEO – search engines put a lot of weight behind them. As example, go into Google and search for the term “click here”. I bet the number one result is Acrobat Reader, right

? How can Google put this at number 1??

Look on the website and youll see that the term click here doesnt appear once on the website. Well, the reason is because tens of millions of websites have a link to the Adobe Acrobat Reader website with the anchor text click here (the anchor text is the writing you see on the screen with the hyperlink underneath). Google therefore thinks that this website MUST be the most relevant page on the internet for the search term click here.

What’s a good quality backlink?

So with the click here example you can see that backlinks are very important ” but Google also checks out other factors. The backlinks that come from important sites (those with a great page rank) are considered a lot more important than those that come from sites with no page rank. If you can get a banklink from Wikipedia for example, this would be considered a very good quality backlink and Google will put more weight behind it.

The number of backlinks is probably also considered, although this is not proven – the truth is nobody really knows how the Google algorithm works when it ranks it’s pages.

In addition to quality and quantity of backlinks, the website that a backlink comes from should be relevant to the website its pointing at. For example, if someone puts a backlink on a car auction website that points to a travel company, the two websites are not relevant to each other so Google will put less weight behind the link.

How can you get backlinks?

Writing on forums with your backlinks in your signature is one method of generating backlinks. Another is to write blogs or articles. You must not ignore backlinks though if you are serious about getting on the front page of Google for your keyword term.

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