Looking For A Better Presence On LinkedIn? 5 Ways Lawyers Can Improve Their Profile

There are so many different social media outlets and websites available, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to spend time building a presence. When it comes to creating a valuable social media profile as an attorney, LinkedIn is an important place to start. By using LinkedIn, you can connect to over 43 million professionals in over 200 countries. Whether you have a solo practice or work for a large firm, LinkedIn is a valuable asset for your career.

I will address 5 ways you can tweak your LinkedIn profile below:

1. Make A Good First Impression – Whether you like it or not, a good first impression is critical when networking professionally. Making a good first impression can be the difference between success and failure with you networking. Your headline and picture are your first impressions on LinkedIn. Utilize a professional picture on your profile. Your headline should be straightforward and represent your niche in the legal world.

If you are looking for lawyers to add to your law firm, looking for employment at a firm, or looking for advice on a case, then put that in your headline.

2. Add Your Name To Your LinkedIn Url – LinkedIn allows you to customize your LinkedIn url with your name. You should take full advantage of this. This will help to brand you, allow users to find you in LinkedIn, make your profile easier to promote and remember, and help get you found for Google searches for your name.

3. Add Keywords clomid online Throughout Your Profile – Do some thinking about your particular legal niche and what types rimonabant to buy of keywords a client, professional, or colleague might search for. Add these keywords to your profile so that when a search is performed in LinkedIn, your profile shows up.

4. Add Up To 3 Links On Your Profile – LinkedIn allows you to add 3 links to additional sites on your profile. Take advantage of this. Add links to your firm’s website, other social media profiles, or even your own blog. You should customize the links so they say something meaningful such as My Law Firm’s Website or My Twitter Profile.

5. Get Involved In LinkedIn Groups – LinkedIn offers a ton of niche groups to get involved with. Do a search for LinkedIn groups using keywords for your legal niche. Join the relevant groups and post news article links, get involved in discussions, and just generally network.

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