The abbreviations SEO and SEM are often used in similar or even identical contexts. If you’re not familiar with the whole search engine marketing scene it can be tough to find out if there’s any difference between the two at all. But as with other kinds of ‘insider’ terminology, appearances are deceptive.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. So you see, they are different. To understand better, SEO is anything you do to your page to make it more search engine friendly. SEM is anything you do to get higher ranks in search engines, such as, search engine optimization, requesting back links, and submitting your URL to search engines.

Even knowing the definitions, they do seem kind of like the same thing, don’t they? But don’t get careless! When you’re shopping around for SEM or SEO services, you need to know exactly what’s being offered. Companies that don’t tell you exactly what services they have available should be looked into thoroughly. Don’t ever just buy a package from a company without knowing what’s in it, that’s as silly as buying a box without knowing the contents. The reason to hire a company to do these things in the first place is because you can’t do them yourself, and some of the less reputable kinds will try to trick you with vague packages and then do no more than submit your URL

to some search engines. Why even bother hiring them for something you’re perfectly capable of doing on your own? You can hand out your URL to search engines yourself without it costing you cheap clomid online a penny, and you can likely hit all the major ones without much difficulty.

Now some important information to be sure to follow. Get a list of all the search engines they plan to submit it to and websites like Yahoo!, Google, and 100’s More! do not count. Ask if they will keyword your site and if they include META and ALT tags. They last important tip is to get a list of specific things they plant to do to help surfers find your website.

Whether it’s called SEO or SEM, the precise names don’t matter so much as the services offered and particular actions companies will take. Since SEM is so broad, it can range to anything from a comprehensive and detailed package of multiple services to a mere bare bones effort not worth buying. You need to find companies that know what they’re doing and have developed order acomplia online a history for good business practices and treating customers fairly. With a little effort put into researching your options, you can be sure to get the best online marketing for your money.

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