What Is SEO?

Hundreds of thousands of results will be displayed on searching for a well known topic on any search order acomplia engine. In such a situation, how a website manages to feature among the top results of a search for a particular keyword is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The reason for the growing popularity of SEO in past few years is that the appearance of the website in top search results aids in getting more visitors to it, which very often converts into more business.

There are two types of SEO – white hat and black hat. The tools used in black hat SEO for ensuring a place for the website in the top results are not seen as fair practices. Whereas, white hat SEO works within the framework provided clomid online by the search engines and concentrates on using widely accepted techniques.

The search engines in the past matched a webpage with the search for a given word by making use of Meta data, which is normally included in the code of a webpage. But, nowadays, a huge proportion of search engines have started using complicated algorithms which evaluate over two hundred distinct parameters to rank search results.

SEO professionals have to be aware of all the latest developments made by search engines and find out the relative weight of different factors in a search algorithm. This knowledge helps them fine-tune the SEO strategies for their customers so that they remain competitive for selected keywords. For the earlier algorithms, which used only the Meta data and web site content, the optimization method used was to bring the desnity of a keyword on the page to a proper level and managing the Meta tags of the page.

Although these factors are crucial even today, the popularity of the web page is now more important as far as the search engines are concerned. The number of links pointing to a web page indicates the popularity of that web page. It is more like a democratic process as every link to the web page can be treated as a vote. Because of this, now SEO has to concentrate on offsite techniques too, like providing content for free to get inbound links and developing a presence on online hubs for social interaction, such as blogs, forums etc.

The most crucial factor to remember about SEO is that it is quite dynamic. This field keeps evolving and your methods should be adapted to the changes. That is the reason why it is so important to engage a seasoned SEO consultant to assist you.

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