Increase Link Popularity With Clear Strategy, Focused Tactics

The Red Queen once told Alice: “When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.” While that might be dubious advice in a real life emergency, it’s not a bad strategy to increase link popularity of your Internet site.

You can start by checking your link popularity score through several search engines, but don’t be dismayed when you get different results. That’s because each search engine uses its own algorithm (a process of step-by-step computations) to determine its rankings. In each instance, however, two measurements figure into link popularity: the number of links to your web site, and the importance of the sites that link to yours.

Search engines rank web sites in strange and mysterious mathematical ways. Virtually every search engine has its own proprietary algorithm (a step-by-step computational process) through which it calculates both link popularity and link importance. That’s why, when you check your web site’s link popularity on several search engines, you get a different result each time.

Link importance ranks what kind of external websites link to buy clomid online yours. Link popularity counts up how many sites link to yours. These factors go into the algorithm that creates a link popularity score that’s weighted, rather than a raw count. This weighted ranking came about after search fda acomplia engine designers realized that spammers were skewing the ratings by setting up phony websites to link up with. These days reputable search engines rarely count links that come from free web sites.

Search engines got antsy about using solely numbers of links because of some antics by our “pals, ” the spammers. These shady characters set up bogus web sites for free, then linked from them to their main money-making site. The result? Top rankings for sites run by shifty spammers, and many unhappy users of prominent search engines. Ergo, new algorithms to rank importance as well as volume of links were created.

So if your strategy is to increase link popularity to a certain level, then your tactics have to be to get noticed by other sites with online clout AND to get more links in total. Some ways to do this include:

2. Content is still King of the Internet, so put high quality content on your site. People will link eagerly if you’ve got the stuff they want. Use Search Engine Optimization by including keywords in your content so that people will find you easily.

3. Trade links with other sites. Choose sites related to your topic which have a high search engine ranking. Be sure to include a paragraph describing your site content to ensure more click-throughs, and ask your new online buddy to do the same.

4. Say something nice about someone else’s web site – a testimonial, in other words.

When your fave asks to use your lovely comment, be sure they include a link to your web site.

4. Write a testimonial about how much you learned/gained from somebody’s site. Odds are high they’ll ask to lift up your comments, so be sure to request they include a link to your site.

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