How To Make Your Boss Spend More On SEO

When you look at the numbers regarding a business’s online methods of getting its name out there and noticed by people, usually SEO efforts get the short end of the stick. Unfortunately for the companies that don’t spend much on SEO and focus on the advertising that appears on the right hand side of most search results screens, only a little over half of people ever look at that side of the screen. However, everyone, a full 100% of all seekers, look at the organic search results on the left side of the page. Let me make it clear: if 5 million people were to look up something on Google, all 5 million of them would look at the left hand side, while around 2.6 to 2.8 million would look to the right, at the advertised links.

To make matters even more interesting, only around half of all searchers look below the first sixth listing in those organic results most of the time. What this means, essentially, is that the top left of the first page of an engine’s results is the hottest, most looked at portion. This should be the focus of your boss’s efforts, not the right side of the screen.

All of you need to explain this to your bosses. Right now would be the best time.

It can be hard to convince your employer of the magnitude of this realization, and even harder to convince them to act upon it and spend more on SEO. So what’s the best way to go about accomplishing this difficult task?

As most business leaders today only have a basic understanding of the Internet, e-commerce, and the digital world, the first thing you do is avoid using technical jargon – at least in the beginning. Focus on the numbers, give him a simple rundown of the percentages mentioned above, and, if possible, reinforce this with visual data.

While pie charts and bar graphs are useful, you should think creatively about how you can use images to really get your point across. Use of a “Google Heat Map” is a good example of this, as it tells your boss everything a large list of numbers will, but in a more dynamic and easily understood way. Add excitement and a sense of urgency to your presentation, and try to play on his emotions (if he has any) as well as his razor sharp mind.

Appeal to his financial interests. Talk up how wasteful it can be to focus exclusively on paid advertising, and mention how much more economic sense it would make to focus more resources on SEO. Money is the lifeblood of any business, and ineffective use of this lifeblood can be detrimental to the business. Use loaded words, if necessary. This is important, and in the end he’ll thank you. Possibly with a raise, but we make no promises about that.

Everything you have at your disposal should be used as effectively as possible to convince your boss that increasing the SEO budget is the way cheap acomplia to go.

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