Are You Born To Be A Successful Industrialist ?

How many times have you daydreamed about being an entrepreneur? cheap clomid Never missing a little league game, enjoying all the benefits that come with being self employed. Perhaps you can see yourself sitting on the beach sipping Mojitas as your bank balance grows.

Hold the phone, before you are booking a flight to Maui you need to consider one thing very carefully and ask this question: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Are you cut out to be fabulously wealthy?

In order to be positive you should see how you rate on the following five topics, Can you / will you:

-Press on when there is no gratification, results are slow to come? In the beginning the sheer rush of owning your own business will color the way you see and feel about everything. Adrenaline will pound through your veins for days or even a month.

Unfortunately, the high does not last very long. Now you are faced with working long hours trying to make a go of it and all the adrenaline has dried up. The hardest part at this point is you are working diligently without any tangible results. Leaving you with little if anything to motivate sanofi aventis acomplia you on to your goals.

Answer this question, do you have the will power to see something through even if pay off is delayed? These are the questions that determine an entrepreneur from all the rest.

-Let go of a bad concept? Trust me nothing is worse than having to walk away from your baby, if you will. This is a part of you something you have spent a lot of time on.

No one is perfect and before you know it you can be neck deep in a bad concept that threatens the very life of your business. Is it in you to let go and move on to the next idea in spite of your emotional attachment to the plan? Do this part well and you are on your way to being a good entrepreneur.

-Believe in yourself and your capabilities? There will be those who doubt you, unbelievably some will be your own family. They may cajole you, laugh or even berate you for what you are doing. If they can get to you the chances of you succeeding just went from slim to none.

It takes rock solid confidence in your idea and abilities, if you have that you can be a great entrepreneur.

-Have knowledge of the value of your products and service? A beginners biggest problem is knowing how to price their product or service. You will find them working hundreds of hours for peanuts. This occurs most frequently because of the value they put on the product or service they offer. If you tell yourself you would never pay x amount of dollars for something you are bound to price it too low to stay in business.

The thing you must keep in mind is that you are not the market nor are you the customer. If you have something good to offer your customers that adds value or convenience to their lives then you should earn accordingly. Do not worry if your prices are too high they will tell you about it.

Value the solutions you provide until you hear otherwise. You may be a good entrepreneur when you get this part down pat.

-Problem solver? This is the big final question, can you solve problems?

When you are an entrepreneur problem solving must be your forte. The proverbial buck must stop with you in this business. There is no higher-level officer to do it for you. It will be all on your shoulders to find the problem and then solve it.

There is of course an even bigger reason to solve problems, it great for business! In fact that is your business, when you can quickly pick out the problems others are dealing with and then solve them then you have what you need to be a good entrepreneur.

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