Website Marketing: What You Might Want To Understand Prior To Starting (Part 4)

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Part 4 of 4. As such, your overall website marketing strategy looks like this. First, build a website of several pages, linking them together. Next, choose a domain name and a web host. Finally, place the website on the host and link it with the domain name. When all these steps are performed, a user can type your business’s memorable domain name into their address bar and learn all about your offerings.

Using a Web browser, a visitor views your Webpages. These pages contain text, images, and other multimedia. And the visitor navigates between them using hyperlinks. A client program called a “user agent” retrieves information resources, such as Webpages and other computer files, from Web servers using their URLs.

More often than not, the customer views your site in a commonly available browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, but other ?user agents? are also becoming more common. By interconnecting pages locally and worldwide using hyperlinks, many of which include domain names, customers can ?surf the web,? easily connecting to sites across the globe.

With such a vast wealth of information from which to choose, finding a specific site can be a challenge. You can of course type a domain name into the address bar, but this helps little if you aren’t sure which domain to type. You may also wish to find websites on a specific topic rather than navigating to them individually by name.

This problem is addressed by search engines, of which Google, Yahoo! And Bing (formerly MSN Live) are the most influential. This popularity inspires many webmasters to make them key players in their website marketing campaigns, and inclusion in all of these generates a great deal of free traffic.

Additionally, you should consider how you can use email to market your Website and business. Email is “a store and forward method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems. Email predates the Internet [and was] a crucial tool in creating the Internet.”

Email is an attractive tool for website marketing because it costs nothing to send. Plus, an auto-responder system only costs a few dollars per month and makes building lists of current or potential clients a snap. With such a list, you can automatically mail special offers and newsletters, maintaining customer mindshare throughout their busy lives.

And maintaining customer mindshare is crucial to your business’s success. Our free weekly newsletter (please buying acomplia sign up if you haven’t already) is sent out to many current and potential clients, each of whom are clomid online likely to either recommend us to anyone seeking a web design or SEM company, or to forward it on to anyone interested in same. While 40% of our traffic originates from the three major search engines listed previously, the vast majority comes from links and recommendations generated by others, often due to the regular newsletter’ s role in maintaining mind

share. Be sure to check out Parts 1-3.

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