Why Use Search Engine Optimization?

If you want to your new web-based business to be successful, future clients simply have to know that you exist. While clomid online there are some traditional methods that work, like advertising, search engine optimization (or SEO) will be one of the most important factors in getting your message out there. More than eighty percent of Internet users use search engines to find websites, so you definitely can’t leave them out of your plans for success.

Search engine optimization, is designing your site so that search engines are more likely to place you near the top of their search results. The goal is that when someone types in your product or service into a search bar, YOUR site is one of the first they see. While you may want to hire an expert to look at your site, there are several aspects of SEO that you can think about when you’re designing your own site.

The first thing you should do is make a usable, functional website! There is no point having a lot of traffic to your site unless there’s something for them to look at when they get there. Better websites are easier to optimize by SEO anyway.

The second thing you should do is find out what people will be typing into search engines when they are looking for your service. Just look at what your website is about and try to guess what this might be. If you are selling used vacuums, you might assume people looking for that product will type, “used vacuums” into their search engine. Words and phrases like “used vacuums” that you try to feature on your website are usually called “keywords.”

You can’t just figure it out on your own-no matter how smart you think you are. You will be much better off to do some research and find some statistics as to what keywords people are looking for every day. There are some free tools (and some not-for-free buy generic acomplia tools) that you can use online. Make a list of the keywords that will be the best focus for your SEO.

Third consideration: optimize the HTML of your website. The titles, headers, and meta tags you use in your website can be the biggest influence on searches. If your most important keyword isn’t even in the title of your homepage-you have a big problem. Change the title or subtitle right away! Also make sure that your meta tags tell the search engines which keywords you want them to focus on (not all engines use these, however). If you don’t know how to change your title or meta tags, look for HTML references online.

Lastly, make sure that the text on your site reflects the keywords you want to rate high with on search engines. See that keywords are mentioned fairly frequently in your site’s text. If you followed the first step, your site should have a lot of good content that fits your market. If you ensure that your content is rich with references to your keywords, then search engines will naturally think your site will be important to people searching with those words.

If you want to try and venture search engine optimization on your own, these will be good steps to get you started. Hopefully you will see

your web page slowly rise to the top above your competitors.

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