Search Engine Optimization More Valuable Than An MBA

In the morning each day Bill wakes up before starting his computer. It is at his computer that he checks his mail, email, and his stats, weight loss acomplia proof of his earnings. This morning he has made $15 in Adsense and 1 sale. Very good, he says to himself, while also wishing for even more. It would be nice if that were more like $500 in Adsense and 10 sales, he says to himself, before closing the stats and proceeding to work so that he can be paid the money that gives him the pleasure clomid online of a good life.

Tom, too, wakes up before checking his Adsense stats, on his laptop computer while sipping a cup of coffee that he has just made. As he sees his stats read $399 in Adsense and 5 sales, just last night, his heart races. Still yearning for even more, he closes his stats, eats breakfast and gets back to work sitting at his laptop intending to improve his stats. His income is sufficient to let him not go to work elsewhere. He lives very well.

One simple question comes to mind. Who would you like to be? Would you rather be Bill or would you rather be Tom? Do you like to help your boss make his money so you can get wages? Or, would you rather be the boss with your own business? Nowadays a website is considered a business. If you choose to be like Bill, you don’t need to read the rest of this article. if you choose Tom keep reading.

One of the points is to determine what a good site is. You may have a great design for your web site, great products and super support. You may have great product offers and the best extra touches, but you still can’t seem to get the profit that you want. Stop and think about who you get money from. Are your profits coming from the design, the format, the performance or functionality or from the traffic? The answer is, the traffic. The traffic is referring to the individuals who visit your website, order the products or services and or click on the Google ads.

A happy webmaster is one who has a site with the most traffic. How are we going to make our webmaster happy? The best way to please the webmaster is by using SEO, which is what you call Search Engine Optimization. The method of search engine optimization brings to a website who uses it the most traffic, and the best target traffic. Building a strong business with a nice income can be yours if you engage in SEO practices on your website. There are three main steps when embarking on an SEO campaign. The main step is the finding of the keywords through keyword analysis. The other two steps are on page SEO and off page SEO. Keyword analysis is the step that makes certain you choose the best keywords for your website, that will bring you the most traffic the most quickly.

When you do the on page SEO, you will have to sort out your files and modify them. You will rearrange titles, images, text, metatags, page structure, internal links and other components of your web pages to incorporate the keywords that you found when you did the keyword analysis. This gives you the SEO optimized site that focuses on the most popular keywords that will work to your best advantage.

SEO specialists point to off page SEO as the component that will create much needed power for your site. Off page SEO is when you create external links that point to your website. Each external link that you direct toward your website counts as one vote. As you create more and more links to your site you gather more and more “votes”. It is these votes that will give your website the edge of power.

If you go to each search engine and do a Site Submit you will slow down your SEO results. Our program gets you indexed within 3 days in Google without doing any site submission.

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