How To Get Directories To Accept Your Site

Trying everything to get your site to the top of search engines can be quite task. There are keywords to manage, websites to swap links with, and spreading word about your site through word of mouth on blogs and social networking sites. Another item on the list should be getting your site listed on several web directories.

Getting listed on these directories involves more than getting your website to appear on Google (anywhere except the first page, anyway). Directories are human edited, so you have to submit your site for review. Directories will not accept every submission, meaning that your site has a chance of being rejected. There are ways to decrease your chances of rejection, however, and a few of those are explained below.

The first thing you should do is know each directory. Directories are different, from the way they categorize pages to the amount of information you can present to the audience. While main categories are usually the same (News/Current Events, Games, Health, etc.), subcategories can vary widely, meaning you will have to really dig in and think about where you want your site listed to appear so your target audience will have a higher chance of clicking the link to your site. Keep in mind that there are niche directories out there completely devoted to a single topic, and it can be well worth your time to search these out and get listed there.

Different directories also vary in how long your site description can be. Some allow only a few words, such as 30 or 40, while others give you freedom to use 200 or even 300

words, allowing you to write a more thorough explanation of the content on your site. Preparing descriptions of various length early on can make this aspect of buy clomid online the listing process much easier down the road.

The content of the site itself is also important, and the more unique and helpful it is the more likely a directory reviewer will accept your site into the listing. How unique your site is can be very important on some of the larger directories out there, as a site that is just like a dozen other sites already on the list will have less chance of being accepted.

Getting listed on some of the larger directories will likely get you listed on several smaller ones as some of the smaller, less known directories base themselves on the really large one. The Open Directory Project in particular gets reproduced a lot, and getting your site listed there will likely get your site listed on a hundred or more smaller directories over the course of a few months. Other large directories, like Yahoo and Gimpsy, get reproduced as well, but not nearly as much as the ODP.

Finally, you should know that several directories out there require payment for you to be listed, with some charging an annual fee while others operate on a pay-per-click basis.

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