Using Video Squeeze Pages to Build Your List

by Gloria Reibin

We all know how important splash pages are to your business – those small, smart appealing pages with a message about your product or service that inspires the reader to Opt-In to your list for free trials, newsletters, reports or just more info.

Video lead capture pages are the newest trend to hit the Internet and they can help you to increase your opt-in rate.

How? A video immediately captures your attention.

However, what kind of video will determine your opt-in rate?

Some videos — I’m sure you’ve seen them, as I have – are irritants. They yell at you, trying so hard to capture your attention that you turn them off.

That’s not the kind of video  I’m suggesting.

What does a video need in order to increase your  opt-in rate?

1. It needs to be personalized. It’s a good idea for you to make your own video, embed it in a video template to let people know who you are.

If you are uncomfortable with yourself, you can hire a professional or even a family member or friend who feels more outgoing.Whoever does you video must establish themselves clomid online as credible, likable and trustworthy.

2. Tell your story, Avoid flashy stuff that says, “Buy me, buy me, buy me.” That’s a real turn-off.

3. Avoid sound that grates. Many of the prerecorded templates that you can get for free on the Internet are harsh on the ears, so choose carefully.

4. Short is sweet. Unlike article writing or sales pages, the only purpose of your video is to get someone to put down their name and email.

5. When they do give you their name and email, they want information, so give them more than they expect in your sales page.

6. Offering a free bonus is always a winner, if it has perceived value.

7. The printed message on the page should repeat the main points of your video message..

Follow these simple guidelines and you will increase your opt=ins and build a list with your video splash pages.

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